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Making Vodka Taste Amazing!

Vodka... it's one of those weird drinks that if you buy the normal generic spirit, it's pretty boring - it literally translates as Water (although water isn't quite as much fun!).

Don't get me wrong, I love a brilliantly distilled vodka - plus it only contains like 90 calories! And if you're on a diet after Xmas, then whoop!

Here at The Sip, we like to make our vodka exciting from start to finish, which is why we have our Passion Fruit Vodka. Man alive, if ever there was a beach party in a glass, this is it.


As we are fond of saying, we don't take ourselves too seriously, hence this fun, tropical bottle of awesomeness.

It's made from premium vodka (well obvs, all our spirits are premium, we're not some boring generic brand you know!), and has all the fresh notes of tropical passion fruit, but with a twist of spice and a smattering of vanilla. If this doesn't make you want to throw on your bikini, don your sunglasses and wear a ginormous sun hat, then there's something wrong.

Sip it ice-cold and straight (like all good Russians), or throw in your favourite mixer to give it a bigger buzz.

Turn the heating up, slap Club Tropicana on Spotify, and pretend you're on a beach.


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