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We've been in the booze business for a long time so we know our single malts from our blends! We also know that whisky doesn't have to be pretentious and that vodka can sometimes be a whole heap of fun! Our drinks are designed for enjoyment, relaxation and some cool vibes. Distilled in small batches, they are the ultimate in boutique spirits. You won't find anything quite like them anywhere else! 

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We have been creating luscious drinks for quite some time now and we firmly believe out spirits are not just the same old same old. Our gins aren't generic, our whisky is wilful, a bit like us. But despite our cool demeanor, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're not averse to sticking a colourful paper umbrella in our cocktails if we think it'll raise a smile, and we are born kitchen dancers. We think you'll love our drinks as much as us. 



We recommend you share your Sip drinks with your mates - after all, they were designed for parties and social gatherings. But it's totally ok to squirrel away your favourites, so you can sit fire side and secretly sip to your heart's content. 

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